Integrating org-mode and PushBullet for automated reminders

Justin Wilson — 03 Jan 2015

For a while now, I have been using Emacs’ org-mode as my fully customizable, open-source, plain-text to-do list manager. In order to help me not escape my agenda items though, I wanted some way to receive push notifications, and for that I am using PushBullet. With a little bit of python code, this can easily be accomplished.

Note: This guide uses these services on OS X with Homebrew installed. It should be easily generalizable to other systems.

Set up your machine

Make sure you have the most recent version of emacs. Using Homebrew:

brew install emacs

We are going to interface everything with python, and for that we need to install with

pip install

This requires python-magic (which should be automatically installed), but which requires dependencies which we quote here

On Windows, install Cygwin ( To find the libraries, either add /bin to the $PATH or copy cygwin1.dll, cygz.dll, and cygmagic-1.dll to C:\Windows\System32


  • When using Homebrew: brew install libmagic
  • When using macports: port install file

Now, I assume you have org-mode set up with a list of agenda files hanging around somewhere on your machine (usually identified in your .emacs file or your customizations.el file for Aquamacs).

The Python code

I cobbled together some python code with help from the org-mode site explaining how to extract agenda information as well as the python implementation I found on this blog in his

It’s important to note that the loadfile must define org-agenda-files. Additionally, I had problems if the loadfile tried to do too much upon initialization. If your init file does too much, you may need to make this loadfile something else, something simpler.

The push notifications you receive from running this code are specifically tailored to how I wanted them output. One can easily mess around with the section I labeled “PROCESSING Agenda information into notes to send”. Additionally, there are more ways than just pb.push_note to send information (see the documentation here).

Set up Automator

There are numerous tools to automate tasks on different systems. On OS X, we’ll use Automator.

  1. Create a new application.
  2. Find the “Run Shell Script” action and drag it to the box on the right.
  3. Select shell /bin/bash and insert the following code
export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH
python /path/to/

This is the simplest since the shell /usr/bin/python doesn’t necessarily use the python that we want (located in /usr/local/bin in this case).

From here, we open the Calendar application, create a new event, and insert when we want it to run (frequency, etc.), then under the “alert:” option, we click “Custom…”, then in the first drop down menu “Open file”, in the new drop down menu that appears we click “Other…”, and navigate to where we saved the automator application created above. The rest should be self-explanatory.

If all is well and good, at the specified times, you should get a push bullet reminder at that time (if your computer is on and connected to the internet).

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